Medical Evacuation Vehicle
Armored Personal Vehicle
120mm Self-propelled Mortar GMM-120
Tracked Infantry Combat Vehicle
Multiple Rocket Launcher System

Anti-hail System

Anti-material Sniper Rifles

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Our Activity Fields
Defence industry
Civilian industry
Humanitarian mine clearance jobs
Weapon and ammunition utilization

120 mm self-propelled mortar module is intended for mounting on various types of caterpillar and wheeled chassis. The system is equipped with recoil suppression mechanism that minimizes recoil energy created during shooting.

Designation – destruction of enemy man power, armored vehicles, artillery section and other targets.

It is possible to integrate digital fire control and global positioning systems to this module.

  1. Construction meeting modern requirements and standards;
  2.  Recoil suppression mechanism provides maximum accuracy of shell directing;
  3. Low recoil enables to install mortar on movable platform;
  4. Low prime cost compared to similar foreign prototypes.

Multi-function unmanned helicopter for military as well as for civil purposes.

Helicopter of mention model is equipped with 2 pc M-134 Minigun type 6 barrel machine gun and 2 pc unguided rockets block.
There is built-in optical-electronic monitoring system located in nose part.

When developing the helicopter, EXEC 162F type helicopter of ROTORWAY production was used as a basic helicopter type.
Spheres of usage:
* Boundary monitoring by usage of radiolocation, optical and IR sensors;
* Intelligence, weapon aiming:
*Radio and other electronic signals retransmission.

Visual control of certain objects;
* Aerophotography;
* Monitoring of irrigation systems in agriculture and dispersion of chemicals;
* Control of irrigation water usage;
* Reveal of pollution in sea water area;
* Reveal of seat of fire in environmental protection sphere;
* Video filming;
* Cargo transfer.


Flight Control Software – Fully Autonomous Flight With Auto-Takeoff And Landing .

Ground Control Software – Included With System and Provides Command and Control and Sensor Data On Screen With Audible Warning System.

Ground control station – Ground control station is used for real-time control of the aircraft, to plan and execute missions, visualize flight status, monitor live video feed, steer the gimbal. Control station is based on two rugged laptops for redundancy and two operator control.

Payload camera gimbal – Dual axis stabilized video gimbal. Available in many different configurations. Included in this proposal in a single daylight camera gimbal  with geolocation, geotracking and video tracking. Additionally IR camera..

Antenna tracker – Dual axis antenna steering mechanism for directing directional antennas towards the aircraft for increased data link range.

Armament – 2 X M-134 Minigun & 8 X unguided rocket missile / 2 X M-134 Minigun & 2 laser guided AT rockets.



German defense industry giant  – the company Rheinmetall presented a conceptual model of modified infantry fighting vehicle Marder Evolution on International Exhibition IndoDefence 2014 held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
Wide range of technical modifications was made on updated vehicle, boards protection against cumulative grenade was increased up to STANAG Level 4+,  and bottom protection against mines corresponds to Level 3a/3b+. Engine and suspension system were also reinforced.

As an armament 12,7 mm machine-gun could be mounted on the vehicle as well as 105 mm turret of OTO Malara production that will make Marder Evolution heavy fire support vehicle.


Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili visited LEPL State Military Scientific-Technical Centre DELTA. Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli and Director of DELTA Ucha Dzodzuashvili hosted Head of the Government. Among the visitors of DELTA were Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze, Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia, Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Giorgi Mgebrishvili and Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia Sozar Subari.

The visitors first viewed the 8th plant in DELTA and attended the manufacturing process of the production.

Later on, the high-ranking officials had a look at the Anti-Hail Command Centre and familiarized with the working process on site. The scientists of the Centre observe the information about climate changes that are received from the Chotori Mountain radars on the computer monitors. 84 fire points located in Kakheti region are monitored from the Command Center as well.

At the end of the visit, PM and Minister of Defence viewed the new production. This year the enterprise presented 15 new products of armament and military equipment: multifunction unmanned aerial vehicle, armored medical evacuation vehicle, armored vehicle for desert conditions, anti-hail systems and other defensive means.

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On March 17, 2015 the sixth Steering Committee Meeting of NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence was conducted in “Rooms” hotel by co-organization of NATO Energy Security Center and LEPL STC “Delta”. Members of the Committee and invited guests, including Mr. Andrius Krivas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, and other officials attended the meeting. Opening of the committee meeting was also attended by Mr. Gigi Gigiadze, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Mariam Valishvili, Deputy Minister of Energy, Mrs. Natia Mikeladze, Deputy Minister of Economy, Mr. Archil Karaulashvil, First Deputy State Minister of Integration Issues to European and Euro Atlantic Structures, representatives of the Embassyes and attaches, representatives of NATO Information Center and NATO Support Center.
Cooperation agreement between LEPL STC “Delta” and the Center was signed on October 16, 2014. First expansion of ENSEC COE by non-member country started by Georgia. After the Agreement came into force, from Georgian side LEPL STC “Delta” that has one permanent representative in ENSEC COE, took part in researches and programs performed by the Center.
Signing of such agreement with NATO non-member country is an unprecedented event. From Georgian side the document was signed by Mr. George Kvirikashvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, and from NATO side by Mr. Juozas Olakas, the Minister of Defense of Lithuania and by Mr. Gintaras Bagdonas, Director of ENSEC COE.